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Starting a business but not sure how to go about it? Do you want to know more about business taxation and to understand financial statements? If yes, check out DTI’s schedule of FREE Briefing Sessions for SMEs every Tuesday of this month.  You’ve already missed the sessions on starting a business, licensing, BMBE law, and trademarks BUT you can still catch the sessions on business taxation and financial statements. Call 751-5076 or 897-1693 for more information.

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SME Briefing Sessions are held FREE of charge at the BMSMED Training Room at the 5th floor of the Trade and Industry Building in Makati City.  They are on a first-come-first-served basis with limited seats so please call beforehand.

Tips for Starting Your Own Dessert Shop

If your dreams are filled with cheesecake squares and flaky ricotta scones, you should know right away that starting your own bakery involves more than what comes out of the oven. It isn’t an impossible endeavor, however, as long as you plan carefully. This is the same for any business, not just a bakery. Whether you’re opening a bakery or not, starting a new business involves a lot of legal details that you should check for with houston business lawyers. As daunting as this can be, it’s best for the future of your business to run through these legal details. Without further ado, here are a few tips for starting your own dessert shop.

Location, Location, Location

Nothing is more important than where you’ll be selling your goods. For example, you should steer clear of any neighborhoods that already have a Starbucks or a Dunkin Donuts, because you won’t be able to compete with such serious competition right away.

Know Your Niche

As an independent bakery, your prices will probably be higher than the big chains out of sheer necessity. How are you going to reel in new customers anyway? What specialties will drive them to visit your countertop instead of someone else’s? It could be the cute business cards that you could get printed from Commercial Printing Services in London or someone similar to make sure you catch your target audiences eye when they are in related stores. You might even want to some online marketing for your customers. Targetting them on social media and through your website. You might even want to offer an affiliate marketing program so you can get people out there to spread the word of your business. If you wanted to better understand how affiliate marketing worked consider some guides at Hustle Life. Knowledge is power when marketing to your niche. Do your research so you hit the sweet spot for your customers.

Prepare Your Supplies

Nothing will sink a grand opening faster than not having enough oven racks and dolly carts to meet customer demand. Whatever you think you need, double it. You can always re-sell your unused equipment later if it turns out you overestimated, but in all probability, you’ll need every rack and rolling pin.

Embrace The Coffee

In the 21st century, having a gourmet coffee selection is critical to the success of a bakery. It doesn’t matter if your true emphasis is doughnuts and eclairs; just make sure your coffee keeps up with the trends as well, else you’ll lose a lot of business to the places that do.

3 Online Tools to Provide Big Leverage for Small Businesses

For business owners, especially those just starting out, saving up on costs and expanding their operations are of utmost importance. In the early stages, the more you know, the better. No one said starting a business was going to be easy, but it is not impossible. Whether it is looking at ways to boost your website on instagram, finding your niche or even dealing with the financial side of it all, there is quite a lot that goes into running a business.

Using business technology like robotic process automation has proven to be extremely useful to the corporate world. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to manage both saving and expanding, especially given that in a competitive marketplace, the one with the best tools usually emerges as the winner. Small businesses could find software solutions such as customer relationship management by PieSync very beneficial throughout their operating time. But this time, owners of small businesses and startups may find it easier to compete and get more out of running their businesses with the three simple online tools listed below:



Coming up with a business name that attracts attention and represents your company brand and products can look like a tough job at the onset. But with thousands of people generating ideas for you, coming up with a quality name can become much easier. This is how does it – using crowdsourcing to help come up with brand or domain names, as well as company slogans for its clients.

All prospective clients need to do is sign up with the site, pay the required downpayment for the service they wish to avail of ($50 for a name or domain and/or $75 for a slogan) and submit their naming preferences. These preferences will be taken into account by the contributors, which, to date, total more than 50,000 from all regions of the world. The service is also risk-free as a money-back guarantee is offered if a client feels no suggestion fully satisfies the parameters he specified.



Keeping track of expenses and files, collaborating on projects, getting in touch with colleagues on business-related concerns are now much more fun and engaging with A CRM and corporate intranet platform with a social network functionality, Bitrix24 offers users an easy and affordable way to streamline business operations and maintain a free-flowing stream of ideas, information and communication.

For companies with a maximum of 12 members, the service is free with features that are already substantial – free file management system, free tasks and project collaboration platform, free CRM and calendar, and a whole lot more, all with privacy settings that you can adjust so that you get to control how information is shared among your colleagues and other participants, clients included. An upgrade to unlimited users of only $99 a month is available for bigger companies. Also, the application, being cloud-based, can be accessed via a computer or a smartphone, placing your workspace right at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.



Frequent travel can sometimes be required when running a business. But many times, travel arrangements may need to be done at short notice, especially if it’s an excellent business prospect that awaits you. That said, you naturally do not want to spend so much time deciding when and how to book your flight, much more so, shifting from one website to another while comparing airline ticket prices and package deals from online flight agencies.

This is where comes in. A meta search engine, it easily accesses for you information from 728 airline sites and hundreds of travel websites. It has a quick reference feature on the landing page, enabling you to see flights that have been searched in the last 24 hours and which may actually match your destination. JetRadar also guarantees users that the price listings they get are final. Best of all, the service is free, accessible to anyone, enabling you to get going in the shortest time possible.