Look Fab even with the Flabs: Feel Good with Your Bod after the big 3-0

“NOOOOO!!!!” This was my reaction when I received a moss-green tank top from my hubby on my 35th birthday. Though I loved the style and the color, I was aghast to see the glaring XL on the tag. “XL! Since when did I fit into XLs?!” Hubby was confident though that it would fit me perfectly and appeased me with the S‘s on the other two blouses he gave me and a supposedly gratifying remark of “you look sexier now than when you were stick-thin.”

So there goes my warm welcome to middle-age and to the many rude awakenings of aging. One of the things that we should be prepared to lose when we start aging is the lean figures of our youth. There are people who manage to maintain their figures until their golden years(lucky them!) while others seem to grow bigger as they age. Many adult sex workers maintain their figure. Find free hard sex clips at Nu-Bay for examples now to see their amazing bodies. Some women find it difficult to accept the flabs that come with the aging process especially those who are blessed with hourglass figures during their younger years. But accepting your transition from small to bigger and plus size womens clothing can help you age gracefully and look fab even when flabs start to build around you.

Physical fitness is essential in keeping our body healthy, but proper diet and regular exercise can only do so much when metabolism slows down and muscle loss which starts around age 30. We can’t help but feel bad when our favorite pair of jeans don’t fit anymore or when your gorgeous top starts to show bulges on the sides when you put it on. However, this dilemma shouldn’t keep you down. Embrace the changes in your body and go for a make over with clothes that will flatter you. Here are some ideas on how to solve our figure woes and start looking and feeling fab again.

  1. You don’t have to bare a lot to be sexy. Luxurious fabrics like silk, cashmere or leather and rich colors such as plum, champagne or chocolate can help you show your sensuality even when you are covered up.
  2. Stay away from tight-fitting outfits and go for clothes that fit you well. Clothes that are fitted or those with structured shape are more flattering than those that hug your body.
  3. Baggy or shapeless clothes which are often chosen to hide unwanted curves in the body can actually make you look bigger. Choose outfits with cuts that accent your best body parts instead.
  4. Go for prints. Certain prints can also help you look slimmer or flatter your body. Clothes with vertical lines are your best options for a trim look. Going for prints with overlapping images and ditching ditzy prints also works for women with bigger frames. However, our print options become more limited as we move towards our 50s and senior years. Leave the fun and funky prints to the young ones and look into blocks of solid colors to make your outfits more vibrant.
  5. Black is beautiful and can make you look or feel more beautiful. Some people are hesitant to go all black on their outfits but I love going all black! You can count on black outfits for chic and elegant looks for any occasion.

The most important accessory that we should keep is confidence and a good disposition in life. Make-over and wardrobe changes won’t keep you looking fab if you don’t feel good about yourself. Remember, when physical beauty starts to break down, inner beauty built with strength in character and wisdom hold up the fort for aging gracefully. Thankfully, I’ve got my husband and two adorable children to remind me how beautiful I am, flabs and all.