Learning Teamwork and Developing Creativity Through Edmark Smart Cube

Electronic toys abound in toy stores nowadays.  Plenty claim to offer children hours of entertainment.  Some claim to be educational and would do wonders in improving children’s thinking abilities.  Although some are indeed very helpful in teaching some skills,  these toys are still quite expensive.  Add to that the costly batteries that need to be replaced often and you have a veritable money drain in your hands.

Another reason why we don’t usually buy electronic toys for our toddlers is that they seldom encourage imaginative play and are often meant to be played alone.  Puzzles, building blocks and even shape sorters on the other hand challenge children’s creativity and also encourage them to play together.  These types of toys are what my toddlers usually ask for during playtime.

One of their favorite toys is the Edmark Smart Cube which was given as a gift for Jade’s first birthday.  I once checked the store for its price and it costs only around 200 per set.   As for durability, we have been using our set for almost two years now.  It has withstood being thrown across the room, being smashed against the wall, being bitten by Jakei, and whatever else you could imagine a toddler doing with a toy.


Jakei used to just throw the pieces around or smash whatever his Ate Jade has built.  But he has outgrown this destructive phase and can now create figures by himself.  I really love seeing them working together to build something.   They are now able to take turns putting the pieces together.


  1. this is a very nice toy. my sons love this educational toy esp my 5y/o. i wonder when are they going to learn how to share, hay!

  2. I bought that for my daughter just yesterday, and she loves it! I’m amazed at how easily she can create things with it.

  3. this is a toy we bought about 3 years ago, they still play with it until now 🙂 i think it is a great toy to have at home!

  4. hi may i know where to buy the smart cube toy? thanks

  5. I would like to purchase several sets for my grandkids; please share purchasing information: are the cubes available for sale online? If not, please provide store name and contact information. Thanks!

    • Edmark Smart Cubes are available at Toys ‘R Us, Toy Kingdom, and Landmark. I’m not sure if they do sell online though.

  6. Christina says

    We’ve just bought a week ago, where we can buy in bandun, indonesia?