Mommy Moments: Our Hands-on Papa

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Although both our pregnancies were unplanned and completely took us by surprise, my husband embraced both with delight and pride.  He wasn’t the type of husband who gave in to my every whim and fancy while I was carrying the children in my womb.  He did explain to me that he just didn’t want to spoil me (But I wanted to be spoiled rotten then! Boohoo!) lest I get used to the attention and became painfully demanding forever (Hmmm…).

Though he isn’t a spoiler, he can not be faulted as a father.  He is a very hands-on Papa to our two toddlers. From the time the children were born, he had had his share of diaper changes (wee-wee only, no poop please!), spit-up clean ups, nurse duty when one of the toddlers is sick, feeding time mess, etcetera, etcetera.  Until now, he helps feed the toddlers during mealtimes, volunteers to bathe them when this mom has a migraine-attack, and offers to babysit when Mama pleads for a day off.   Despite our many arguments about our different views on child discipline, my husband still is, inarguably, the best father my children could ever have.

Papa's hand and newborn Jade's little foot

Little Jade slumbering peacefully on Papa's tummy

Papa to Jakei: "Beh!! You look just like me!"

Proud new Papa of a bouncing baby boy


  1. I love looking at the photos of your husband with your kids. Nakakatuwa! It seems your husband really enjoys being a father to your children! Here’s my MM entry:

  2. Beautiful series of shots!

    Daddy with a huge Heart

  3. Visiting from Mommy Moments. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Awww those pictures are so sweet naman!

  5. i like the last photo! you are blessed to have a wonderful hubby! visiting from MM! hope you can drop by mine too!

  6. he’s so sweet.. your kids are lucky to have such a hands-on dad. i think i can understand the part about ‘not wanting to spoil you’ lol! maybe he was just trying to save himself from future abuse? (kidding!)

    care to visit MY ENTRY?

  7. Aww Congrats on your baby!
    Adorable pictures!
    Take care.

  8. nice photos of your kids and hubby..thanks for dropping by my blog..visiting you back for MM 🙂

  9. thanks for your visit, mommy olga.
    i like your pics with your baby’s foot! (why didn’t i think of that back then)

  10. nice to see photos of your babies and their dad 😀

  11. really sweet talaga when dads are hands on to their kids 🙂

  12. those are such cute photos! sorry for dropping by so late….

  13. galing talaga pag hands on dad! i salute your hubby 🙂
    thanks for visiting 🙂

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