Clean your Wash Loads of Love with Electrolux Time Manager

Just exactly how long does it take you to do the laundry?  I remember a friend sharing on her Facebook wall how it took her the entire day to finish washing all their laundry.  Well, I can totally relate to her!  I wash laundry three times in a week and it takes me from 8am to 5pm (on a fairly good day) to finish the three to four loads I wash on each of those days.  Oh yes, it takes me nine to ten hours to finish a batch of laundry! Wait…before you render judgment on my homemaking skills, keep in mind that I have two kindergarten kids to look after AND have no househelp AND have only a twin tub washing machine.

Twin tub washing machines are usually the machine of choice here in our country as they are very affordable and don’t require a steady supply of water.  Using a twin tub requires manual transferring of each load from the washer to the spinner to the basin.  This cycle goes for at least three times depending on whether you rinse clothes in the basin or not.  If I were to do nothing else but just the laundry, one batch of four loads would probably still take me four hours to finish. With two kindergartens to look after and meals to cook, it takes me more than twice as long.  After a year without any househelp, you’d think I’d have gotten the hang of it and can have all chores done right on schedule! 😛

Ain't no mountain (of laundry) high enough with my two little handy helpers. :D

Ain’t no mountain (of laundry) high enough with my two little handy helpers. 😀


My Wash Loads of Love

My husband has repeatedly offered to just have our clothes sent to the laundry shop just like we used to.  However, I would much rather wash our clothes myself.  Aside from the savings, I can also be sure that the kids’ clothes are thoroughly cleaned and germ-free.  Besides, I have already learned a few tricks to make washing clothes less cumbersome.  You may already know some of these but do read on please.

  • Always turn out BACK POCKETS too!  I always do turn out front pockets to check for coins or receipts before putting them in the wash.  Back pockets were merely just given a quick peek. Until, one of my hubby’s pants turned out to have a stash of paper tissues in the back pocket which I only discovered when small bits of tissue floated in the wash.  Imagine a wash load of clothes all with tiny bits of tissue stuck on them!  Well, you bet I scrutinize every single pocket since then.
  • Keep a SMALL JAR FOR LOOSE BUTTONS near the washing machine. In an ideal world, no thread comes lose, no zippers get caught, and no buttons fall off.  Ours is not an ideal one though so finding loose buttons in the washing machine is very common.  Instead of having to look for the sewing kit or putting the loose button in your pocket (which you’re bound to forget about even before you finish the laundry), place a small jar near the washing machine and put loose buttons there. It’ll save you time looking for a missing button.
  • CHEAP isn’t always ECONOMICAL.  When I wasn’t the one doing the laundry before, I always bought the most affordable detergent and fabric conditioner.  I found out though that they weren’t that efficient and I ended up using more to effectively wash our laundry.  In the long run, these cheap detergents cost me more.  Now I only buy trusted and reliable brands.
  • SOAK WHITES AND HEAVILY STAINED CLOTHES the night before laundry day.  Doing this would save you an hour or more of laundry time the next day. My kindergartens have a way of turning white clothes to gray so their clothes need to be soaked for a couple of hours.  Plus, whites come out brighter with an overnight soak.
  • Doing the laundry is FUN WITH KIDS AROUND. Oh yes, they may stretch laundry time but my kindergarten make this tedious chore fun. They’re not allowed to touch the soapy water – laundry detergent may be too strong for their baby soft skin – but I do engage their help in sorting the laundry and doing the last rinse clothes.  They also love helping me load the washer or the dryer.  Every now and then, I let them wash their own toys using a very gentle soap.
laundry with kids

Who wouldn’t love doing the laundry with these two little ones?

Although doing the laundry with the kids can be fun, I still would rather spend more time with them doing other things like reading books together, making crafts, or playing games – which is why I have my eyes set on Electrolux Time Manager washing machines.

(L) EWF12732 with 7kg capacity (R) EWW14012 with 7 or 10kg capacity, with both washing and drying capacity

(L) EWF12732 with 7kg capacity
(R) EWW14012 with 7 or 10kg capacity, with both washing and drying capacity


Electrolux Time Manager: Washing Machine that Makes Washing Less of a Chore

Fully equipped with amazing features and the latest technology, this front loading washing machine would give Moms like me more time to spend with our precious little ones and extra time to do other chores.   With an Electrolux Time Manager, I wouldn’t be burdened with my washer-spinner-basin cycles that require my checking on the washing machine every few minutes.  I’ll be able to put a load on the washing machine, take the kids to school and come home with clean clothes all ready for ironing or folding.   That alone puts the Time Manager on top of my home appliance wish list.  All its other unique features made me fall in love with it!

  • electrolux buttonsLoad Sensor.  This acts like a built-in weighing scale that guides you to select the perfect cycle and detergent recommendation for your load, saving you time, energy and water.
  • Vapour Action.  This helps reduce allergens in clothes by up to 99.9% while softening the fabric for brighter and cleaner clothes.
  • Refresh Cycle. This relaxes the fibres and steams out the wrinkles in your clothes, helping it cut down on your ironing.
  • IQ TouchTM This easy-to-use intuitive panel makes instructions and program settings even easier to follow.
  • Leaf Lifter + Lily Drum.  This ensures gentle tumbling while increasing surface contact between the laundry and the drum for a cleaner wash.
  • Time Manager.  Four selectable time options let you wash base on how much and how dirty your clothes are.

With all those features, I’m sure you’re also wishing for an Electrolux Time Manager front loading washing machine.  The steep price may take you aback but believe me when I say that this would cost you less in the long run.  Contrary to what many presume, the Time Manager actually uses less water and less electricity.  That means, you not only save time but also utility expenses while conserving water and energy.  Moreover, you get outstanding customer service when you get yourself an Electrolux Time Manager.


Electrolux is “Thinking of You”

“Customer satisfaction doesn’t end after the purchase of our Time Manager washing machines or any of our Electrolux products. Our goal is to help new and existing customers get the most of their investment by providing support activities before, during, and after purchasing an Electrolux appliance.”

Andrea Pionilla, Group Product Manager of Electrolux Philippines

In line with its commitment to provide excellent customer service, Electrolux opened the Customer Service Hub at the Grundfos Building, 5548 Osmena Highway, Brgy. San Isidro,  Makati City.  Whether you’re a new customer looking to buy that Time Manager or a loyal Electrolux consumer looking for a spare part or a consumable item, you can find what you need at the CS Hub. This one stop facility carries a wide range of Electrolux and White Westinghouse spare parts and accessories. Can’t find what you’re looking for in the supermarket or hardware store?  Head off to CS Hub or contact the Customer Care team through or 845-CARE (2273).


Win an Electrolux Wash Loads of Love Laundry Set

As much as I would love to play fairy godmother and give each of you your very own Electrolux Time Manager, I’m just a mere housewife saving for one myself.   But, don’t be disheartened. Electrolux is giving a laundry set to one of you dear readers!  Oh yes, you just might be the one to bring home the Electrolux Wash Loads of Love Laundry Set which includes an Electrolux Steam Iron ESI 515, a big bottle of Surf Liquid Detergent, a set of IKEA Children’s Clothes Hangers, and an IKEA Silver Laundry Basket.  No likes, shares, or follows needed (though they’d be greatly appreciated).  Just tell me what your favorite feature of the Electrolux Time Manager is and how you will use the extra time you’d have if you had the Time Manager.

electrolux laundry set

What is your favorite feature of the Electrolux Time Manager?

How will you use the extra time you’d have if you had the Electrolux Time Manager?

Leave a comment with your name, email address, and answers to the questions.  You have until 11:59pm of August 18, 2013 to leave your comment.  The reader with the best comment will have the Wash Loads of Love Laundry Set delivered right at his doorstep.  This giveaway is open to residents of the Philippines only.

Kids Book Prize Pack Giveaway worth $123

When does one start instilling a love of learning and reading to their children? I say, as early as you can. I know of many mothers who start reading to their children while they are still in the womb.  Exposing your children to learning and reading early on definitely has so many advantages.  Now’s a great time to grow your children’s libraries by winning some great book selections from the Review Wire’s Kids Book Prize Giveaway.

Book'em Danno Prize Pack 1Book'em DannoPrize Pack 2

Kids Book Prize Pack Giveaway

THE TOTTERING MAMA has teamed up with The Review Wire to bring you this Kids Reading Adventure Giveaway! Each Prize Pack includes 8 different children’s titles with a retail value of $123!

Prize Pack 1 incudes: Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping, In The Tree House, And The Winner Is…Amazing Animal Athletes, Jasper John Dooley Left Behind, My Little Geek, The Beginner’s Guide to Running Away from Home and Bluebird.

Prize Pack 2 includes: Mo Willems Books: A Big Guy Took My Ball!, It’s A Bus Load of Pigeon Books!, THE BIRTHDAY SURPRISE, Oops, VICKS THE POLAR BEAR CUB, BIG AND SMALL, Nat Geo Kids COOL ANIMALS STICKER ACTIVITY BOOK, Nat geo Kids CUTEST ANIMALS STICKER ACTIVITY BOOK, and Nat Geo Kids Little Kids FIRST BIG BOOK OF WHY.

2 Winner’s will each receive one Kids Book Prize Pack. Each prize pack includes 8 books with a retail value of $123 each! See form for Entry Details. Open to U.S. You must be 18 years old to enter to win. Ends 7.26.13

Disclaimer: An email address is required to enter. The winner will be chosen randomly through Giveaway Tools and contacted via email. A reply to the winning email is required within 48 hours before a new winner is chosen. One person entering per household please. U.S. only. This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on July 26, 2013. I was not compensated for this giveaway, and I am not responsible for shipment of prize.

Companies and bloggers, if you would like to participate in group giveaway events like this one, sign up to be emailed about future events hosted by The Review Wire.

The Search for BlueWater Babies is On!

Do you have cute little kids age 6 mos to 4 years old?  Well, they just might be the ones BlueWater Day Spa is looking for to be the cute li’l image models for their latest spa offering – the signature Baby Massage Treatment.

Since 2005, BlueWater Day Spa has been providing men and women with wellness treatments that effectively soothe tired bodies, ease stress, and relax the mind.  Through the years it has innovated effective treatments for a sound mind and body.  This year, BlueWater once again adds another wellness treatment – the signature Baby Massage Treatment – making it the only family-friendly spa.

Last week, we were invited to know more about the benefits of baby massage and to be part of the launch of BlueWater Day Spa’s search for BlueWater Babies who will be the faces of the signature Baby Massage Treatment.  The event hosted by Rikka Dylim was graced by three of the most handsome faces in showbiz today, Fabio Ide, Anthony Semerad and David Semerad who gamely played several parlor games with us moms.   We also learned more about the importance of baby massages in nurturing healthy and happy babies.

 photo BabyAStar_zps5a8071e2.jpg

Some photos taken by Pablo Reyes Photography

BlueWater Day Spa Signature Baby Massage

Understanding that even infants and toddlers can be affected by stress caused by their environs and other factors, BlueWater Day Spa now provides a signature Baby Massage Treatment to promote their proper growth and healthy development.

 photo bluewater_babyflyer_zps0293afd2.jpg

Relax in Style and Make Your Baby A Star 

To further promote the benefits of the Baby Massage Treatment, BlueWater Day Spa has launched the first-ever search for BlueWater Baby Image Models.  The contest will run from June 6 to August 6, 2013 and is open to all babies and toddlers ages 6 months – 2 years old (two winners:  boy and girl) and 2 years – 4 years (two winners:  boy & girl).

 photo bluewater_babyastar_zpsc21cb32a.jpg


If you have kids age 6 mos to 4 yrs, better get those cute pictures taken and submit them now.  Your child may just be one of the four winners who’d get these awesome prizes:

  • One (1) Birthday Kiddie Spa Party Package for a maximum of 28 persons at BWDS-Ortigas Spa Theatre worth P20,000.00 (Terms and Conditions apply)
  • Complimentary Ten (10) Baby Massage Treatments valid for one year worth P3500.00
  • To be featured in a BWDS Ad Campaign for Baby Massage (online, print, in-store ad collaterals) with photo shoot.

Check out this link for the full mechanics of the contest

While waiting for the winners to be announced in August, drop by any BlueWater Day Spa branch and give your child some pampering too with a Baby Massage Treatment. 🙂

Back-to-School GIVEAWAY!!!

Better late than never! This giveaway should have been posted last week but dear me had been busy beating deadlines.   I was going to ask if you were ready for school but “How was the first day of school?” would be more apt to some who started school year 2013-14 yesterday.  Now to those who’d be starting school on the third week of June like us, these back-to-school treats are just right on time.

What have we got for you?  One child gets to have a pack of school supplies which include:

  • 5 short folders
  • 5 long folders
  • 20 sheets of poster paper
  • 20 sheets of typewriting paper
  • 20 sheets of graphing paper
  • a drawing book
  • 2 notebooks
  • one plastic case with colored pens, paint, and crayons
  • a memorx ruler with pencils, eraser, and sharpener
  • one Robby Rabbit plastic envelope
  • one Robby Rabbit plastic bottle

back to school giveaway

Now, moms deserve a treat too!  So, I’m also giving these to make sure that mom stays beautiful and feels beautiful while seeing to her child’s school needs.  Mom gets a Victoria’s Secret Berry Kiss Fragrance Mist, and ELF Waerproof Eyeliner Pen, and an ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine.

back to school for moms

For a chance to have these back-to-school packs delivered to you, just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter below AND leave a comment below with your FB Profile Name, Twitter Account, and a back-to-school tip.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Play Welch’s Trail the Bunch and Win Awesome Prizes

You can only do so for your kids, especially when it’s time for them to grow up and face the world on their own. It is a mother’s duty to make sure that her children is on the right track while giving them the space to learn on their own.

This is the philosophy of Welch Philippines and one that many parents live by.  This is also why Welch, the world-famous grape juice brand, has come up with a cute app on Facebook – Trail the Bunch.  This game exemplifies how a good child sometimes strays and have to be guided back into the straight road.  In Welch’s Trail the Bunch, all you have to do is help the Good Grape find its way back to the Good Bunch, it’s so easy!


Here’s how you play the game:

  1. Like Welch’s PH on facebook to access the Trail the Bunch Game.
  2. Find the Good Grape’s way back to the Good Bunch using your mouse pointer.
  3. Collect these along the vines:
    •  photo welchbonusitems_zpsc79b0f89.jpg
  4. REMEMBER: Avoid touching the vines and the game’s bugs as not to go back to start.
  5. Complete all the levels and register to qualify for the weekly raffle of a Welch’s gift pack. The Top Scorer of All Time will get a chance to win a Sony PS3 Super Slim!

 photo welchpsp_zpscddaf37a.png

What are you waiting for?  Help the Good Grape find its way back to the Good Bunch!  Click here to start playing now.