Clean Air for A Healthy Home

Every day we make sure that our homes are clean by vacuuming the carpets, dusting the furniture, washing the dishes, and doing the laundry. However, we often take one important thing for granted in maintaining the cleanliness of our home. That is, cleaning our air conditioning. If you cannot recall the last time you cleaned your air conditioner, it is definitely time to call in the AC Repair professionals to give your unit the thorough cleaning it deserves. So, let’s specify.

Our air conditioning is completely important in removing old air, introducing fresh air, aiding with efficient ventilation, and also keeping us cool in the hotter months. It is necessary for all homes to have, especially in a warmer climate. Without HVAC systems like this, a house is dysfunctional – money-saving but dysfunctional. If an AC system becomes damaged or clogged in any way, we do not have access to fresh air anymore, and the air we do breathe may be dangerous or toxic. This is why it is important to find an AC Repair company to help you if you think this may be the case. In addition, there may be some new and improved systems to install for your home to make the services much more efficient and practical as well as saving money on your energy bills. So get in contact with a professional, this is your best bet!

In choosing a service provider to repair or to clean your air conditioning units, opt for one that is known for high quality service and consistent customer satisfaction. First Class Heat and Air is one such service provider that is well-recognized in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex for excellent service. Their technicians are well-trained in handling sales, installations, and repairs of air conditioning and heating equipment. Specializing in residential air conditioning and heating, they are fully aware of how important fast service is to ensure that families are comfortable in their homes. They provide service 24 hours a day which means you won’t have to suffer in the summer heat or freeze on a cold winter night if your air conditioner or heater breaks down in the middle of the night. The technicians are well-skilled in repairing any brand and model including Carrier, LG, GE, Sharp, Frigidaire and Honeywell among many others. Parts needed for repairs are not a problem as well because 1st Class Heat and Air has its own Plano warehouse that is well-stocked with air conditioning and heating parts for different brands and models. Prices and professional fees are also very competitive.

Aside from servicing units, First Class Heat and Air also provides pointers on how home owners can properly maintain their air conditioning or heating equipment. You really don’t need to wait for your air conditioner to be in need of Dallas ac repair service before you pay attention to it. Make sure that you have it cleaned and checked regularly by professionals to ensure that it is working at its optimal best to provide you with clean cold air. Remember, a clean air conditioner that runs efficiently lessens your utility expense and, more importantly, provides you clean air for a healthy home.


  1. Well we all what the best for our families and having a clean air is one of them, even though we have air conditioners we should make sure that the air coming out of it is sure clean. repairs and maintenance can help a lot.

  2. This reminds me that our a/c has not been clean for years now. We only clean the filter but the unit badly needs a good cleaning.

  3. I think our AC also needs cleaning but I’ll leave it to husband trabaho na nya yun hehehe.. πŸ™‚

  4. i think we always need to clean our AC after all.. πŸ™‚

  5. This reminds me to clean my car aircon already. hehehe

  6. I dont have airconditioners at home (i live in baguio) but I have a humidifier and ionizer. these should be cleaned regularly too

  7. I agree we seldom forget other appliances that needs to be maintain and clean in a specified time. This will prolonged their life too plus you can assure that it will work efficiently and safe. Thanks for this reminder.

    Mommy Maye