When a Babysitter Is No Longer Enough

Having a family includes supporting those who depend on you. Working pays the bills but also requires time away from home. During your absence, who takes care of the children matters. A babysitter typically does not engage children in educational activities, leaving many hours wasted that could otherwise be used in more constructive and productive ways.

When the issue comes up, you might be thinking anything from ‘how can I find a preschool near me that I can rely on?’ to ‘how much more is a preschool going to cost than what I’m already paying?’

Finding a preschool that matches you on every important point might be difficult, which makes good preschools worth their proverbial weight in gold. The more important issues should be your main focus when choosing which preschool is right for your family.

Many preschools become so structured that they no longer hold any joy in them for the children who attend. Others, mainly Montessori preschools, remain vibrant and creative places where children can learn about themselves, their abilities, and how the world around them works. While these preschools hold academics in high regard, they also cherish the abilities and strengths of the children.

Learning at a young age about personal gifts and strengths in different areas can help channel energy into the ones most inclined to grow the fastest. It’s also important to spend time working on areas where a child is not as strong, decreasing weak areas and building skills, confidence, and knowledge. Experienced teachers can help with this and ease a child through any frustrations. Encouraging a child to keep trying is often sufficient to help him or her continue learning something that they may have avoided in the past.

However, it is important to know that even if a preschool is not of the Montessori variety, it can still provide an educational setting for your children. Observing how staff and children interact can help you decide on which preschool you want to try. Remember that once enrolled, changing your mind can confuse your children and disrupt their sense of continuity. Preschool experiences can set the stage for how a child views education later in life. Making your children’s experiences positive includes constant and honest communication with them and their teachers.