Beautiful or Bloodthirsty?

These plants that I will show you are quite BEAUTIFUL,


They are POISONOUS as well.

The Deadly Nightshade

Deadly Nightshade, or atropa belladonna, is a very poisonous plant. The leafage and berries are extremely deadly when consumed. The leaves are usually green or purple, and the berries black or green. They are very dangerous to children because they look rather tempting and have a luscious taste. However, oxen and rabbits can eat this without dying.

The Rosary Pea

Rosary pea, or abrus precatorius, is a suicidal plant that is part of the bean family. Just one seed can kill both adults and kids. These are made as native jewelry, and the most common one is the red one with a black eye, but there are also different colors.


Wolfsbane, or aconitum napellus, is also a very fatal plant. It was used on arrows to kill wolves.  Dark purple is the usual color of the plant. Sometimes it is also red-purple. It can also be a pale lavender.

Midnight Ruffles

Helleborus, or Midnight Ruffles. This plant is used for decorative purposes. Helleborus have many different colors, like green to purple, and the hybrids can be slate grey to yellow to white to green. My favorite is the near black Midnight Ruffles hybrid (see picture above).

All helleborus plants and parts are toxic, despite their beautiful colors. The poison outside the plant will cause inflammation and prickling sensations. Eating helleborus will cause pain in the mouth, vomiting, and diarrhea. Eating significant amounts is fatal.

Even though these plants are pretty, they are very dangerous as well. God our Father made these plants like this for special purposes, like to make sure animals and humans don’t eat them. These plants are also very beautiful because every plant God makes is beautiful, even the rafflesia.

Jade is an 11-year-old homeschooled bookworm. She devours books by Roald Dahl, Lois Lowry, Rick Riordan, and JK Rowling. She plays guitar, bakes goodies, and tinkers stuff when she has spare time.