No More Mrs. Fix It! I’m Getting A Pro to Install our Water Heater.

We nearly always call the professionals whenever anything goes wrong in our house. Whether the freezer breaks, we have a leaking hot water heater, or wasps build a nest in our garden, we want to make sure it’s dealt with quickly. That was until a few weeks ago, I decided to play Handy Manny and fixed the clogged sink in our bathroom. The water had been draining at a snail’s pace for almost a week already and hubby had not had time to fix it so I tried to do it myself. As you can probably tell by now things didn’t exactly go to plan. Next time, I think I’ll just visit a website similar to

I managed to unscrew the drain cap (or whatever you call the strain like thingy) and took out a piece of my little boy’s toy stuck inside the drain pipe. I was able to put everything back in place and was so proud to have fixed our clogged sink – until my husband came home, that is. While in the bathroom, he called out to me and asked if I had done something with the bathroom sink. In my proudest voice I exclaimed, “Yup! I fixed it!”, only to have my bubble burst when he told me that I did it wrong and now our sink had a leak. So, there goes my Mrs.-Fix-It career – down the drain!

Suffice it to say that I shall no longer be attempting any plumbing work in our home and will be leaving it to my husband to do minor repairs. Major ones must be left to the professionals though, like Paladin Plumbing for example, including the installation of a water heater in our bathroom. This one is long overdue as it should have been installed before November of last year. If it were available here, we’d consider availing of Water Heater Installation from Roto-Rooter.

Although I do believe in my husband’s D-I-Y skills, installing a water heater, whether it’s a water tank or an air to water heat pump system, is something that should best be left to those who have been doing it for years and really know their stuff. One single flaw in installation could have fatal consequences. I really don’t want anyone in the family to get scalded or, heaven forbid, get electrocuted because of faulty wiring and other defects.

All houses are bound to have plumbing problems sooner or later. Before you attempt to fix clogs or leaks on your own, here are some good reasons why you should just leave it to the professionals:

  1. You might make the problem worse. Or in my case, create an entirely new problem. If you’ve never fixed any plumbing problems in your entire life, best leave it to the pros. Attempting to fix something you have no proper knowledge of may do you more harm than good.
  2. You may need special equipment for repairs. You may have the basic tools in your box but some repairs need tools that only professional plumbers would have. So unless you’re McGyver, call a reliable service provider like Roto-Rooter.
  3. You could end up spending more for repairs. Fixing clogs or leaks yourself may save you some cash but if you bust a DIY plumbing repair and make matters worse, you’d definitely need to shell out more money for repairs.
  4. You save on time. Pros know what they exactly need to do and can do it in a fraction of the time you can fix it on your own. Plus, you can just sit and sip some tea while they sweat it out.

Do give it a second thought before you attempt to do plumbing repairs yourself. If crafty repairmen are keeping you from calling for their services, do try service providers that are known for their reliability and trustworthiness. I’m sure you’ll find one in your area if you ask around.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all points and views are my own. And yes, I did fix our clogged sink and caused a leak doing it. 🙂