WBFC#9: The Tottering Mama

The Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is back and I wouldn’t want to miss joining it this week!  This week’s caravan is all about getting to know the bloggers behind the great blogs that we visit.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally know more about the people behind the inspiring stories we read.

Welcome to my one-and-only blog!  It’s a fairly new blog as I started blogging only this January and have moved from Blogger to WordPress barely a week ago (thanks again to Mommy Rubz!).

I’m Olga to many, Adee to some, Mama to my two toddlers and Gah to my loving husband Hon.  My Hon and I got married 3 years ago and have been blessed with three children.  One of them is our angel. Our little Jake, Jade’s twin sister, went to God’s garden after seven days of life.  Her siblings, Jade and Jakei, continue to make our humble home the happiest place on earth.

I’ve been working as an academic tutor to grade school and high school students for the past 12 years.  This has enabled me to keep the child in me alive as I’ve been spending almost everyday of my life with tweens and teens. It has also sheltered me from the world outside as the kids I tutor come to our house which serves as our informal tutorial center.  So, pardon me if I may seem naive for my age.  I’ve been a child half my life and i’ve been mostly with children the other half of my life.

My husband and I are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary this month.  The past three years have been one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride.  We’ve had to deal with two unplanned pregnancies, to cope with losing a child, to fight my severe postpartum depression(twice!), and to hurdle countless obstacles in our marriage.  Thank God, we are still together now and still working on making our marriage work to firmly establish our family.

Now, I am a stay at home mom – my toddlers’ 24/7 yaya, cook, playmate, nurse, teacher, and human jungle gym. I still tutor a couple of kids who come to our house after school but my main priority remains being a mama to Jade and Jakei.  I am enjoying my on-the-job training as homemaker and though I still can’t seem to manage running the household fluidly, I find that I am managing it much better now.

I totter. I stumble. I fall. I’m the TOTTERING MAMA.

Still clumsy in the kitchen and prone to botching up lunch and dinner. Still learning how to manage my time better to be more efficient in running the household. Still somewhat unsure whether I’m raising my children well enough; But perfectly certain that I love them more than anything else in the world!

my husband and I with our adorable “mini-me’s”


  1. It feels inspiring to see images of happy families. Youre blessed to have one, Mommy Olga!

  2. what a story sis… I love the family picture posted here.

    Anyway here is : My Weekend Caravan! Hope to see you too… I am one of your followers na din! Hope you can do the same! Thanks.

  3. wow! just wan awesome write up about the blog. i admire you for surviving the ups and downs of the 3-year marriage. that’s what happens when it is equipped with love. 😉

    now following your blog.


  4. tejan-lerra says

    hallo olaga..you have a wonderful family..nice to meet you here..followed now through the caravan..hope you’ll do the same:)


  5. Nice to know you mommy, it seems you have a lovely family..I have followed you hope you do the same..http://www.shy-thelenslousegirl.com/2011/03/weekend-blog-follower-caravan/ have a nice day..

  6. Hi Olga, thanks for dropping by.. wow, kung sana malapit kalang dito sa Davao… I’m really in need of a tutor for my kids.. although teacher ako.. ang layo naman ng tinuturo ko sa subject nila besides wala ako patience sa beginners.. waaahhh… followed you here.. see you around.

  7. hi there! 🙂 here from WBFC. you have a lovely family. hope you can visit my entry, too. it’s right here. oh, happy anniversary to you and hubby! 🙂

  8. Nice family pic!Followed your blog too. god bless.

  9. what a beautiful family :). i like the matching orange shirts, by the way 🙂
    i like your template too.

    am here through WBFC. please visit my entry too http://pepperrific.com/2011/03/weekend-blog-follower-caravan-9/

  10. i love your last paragraph! i can so relate to it!

    nice knowing you mommy olga!

    Mine is just a short entry.

    have a great week!

  11. Hi Olga ,

    Visiting from WBFC # 9 Entry No. 7

    Keep on blogging and inspiring others thru your stories..I know other Mom’s in similar situation will draw their strength from your experiences..

    nadaan at nakibasa.

    I am already a follower thru GFC.
    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

  12. Hi Mommy Olga! It’s so nice to meet you here! Mommyhood is a roller coaster ride really… have a happy week! i’m a new follower here!

    Pink Memoirs
    Hands Full of Life
    These and Those

  13. Happy 3rd wedding anniv to you and your husband! already a follower here from the wbfc!

  14. hello Olga, thanks for visiting my entry for WBFC, following you now 🙂

    You are so pretty and so lucky to have your husband and your gorgeous kids:)

  15. You have such a wonderful family!

  16. Happy 3rd to you and your hubby! ^_^

    Following you through wbfc!
    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  17. hi mommy olga! its so nice to know you. Im your new follower of your lovely blog here.

  18. hi mommy! glad to know u…followed u.
    hope u could follow me back here momsicle

  19. Seems like you have a very wonderful family. Advance Happy Anniversarry to you and to your other half. Your husband seems very good looking, no wonder you guys have a beautiful children because both of you have a beautiful genes in a first place.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m a follower now. 🙂

  20. hi, visiting from wbfc9.

    you seem like a fun mom. your kids are lucky coz you’re still very much in touch with the child in you…that’s how we should all live=)

    following you too=)


  21. It’s so nice to know you more. A new follower of your blog. Hope to see you more !

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  22. You have a lovely family..kindly visit my other blog and would love to exchange links with you..see you there..

  23. Hazelicious says

    You are blessed with a wonderful family. God will always guide you and your family.

  24. Nice to meet you mommy olga – you are gorgeous!

    about being an OJT in household management i am with you on that. di yata ako gagraduate, i will forever be ojt and everyday is a learning experience.

    Please visit my WBFC-Everything Alabama and I am a blog follower now.

  25. peachkins says

    It is so nice to get to know more about you Olga!

  26. Hi Mommy Olga! Thanks for the visit and comment!

    See you around!


  27. Under My Fingertips says

    LOL! You really have your MINI-MEs! 🙂

    WBFC9 #51.

  28. Nice to meet you Olga. I admire teachers and tutors teaching a child is not that easy..i cant follow u tru gfc I think there is a problem w/ ur gfc but i will try to check ur blog using pc.

  29. Hi Olga!:) I love your name so much.. 😀

    You have such a wonderful family! I am sorry you have lost a child, I did too, hubby and I lost our first baby.. 🙁 I guess it’s something you don’t fully recover from, but I am comforted with the thought that he (it was a boy) is with God now.. 🙂

    I have never had post partum depression with my 2 children, lucky me I guess.. 🙂

    I am stumbling through motherhood and being a homemaker and wife as well, so you’re not alone there.. 😀 I also need to learn how to manage my time better! 😀

    I hope to see more of you in the blogosphere.. 🙂 followed you through GFC.. 🙂

  30. lovely family you got there. Your newest follower here thru GFC, nice to meet you momi Olga

    Hope you visit my entry here, leave some sweets and follow me too. Have a great week!
    I Love Darly!
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  31. beautiful family,im your follower

  32. Hi Mommy Olga, dami ko nakitang pretty hot momma sa WBFC and you are one of them. I got a goosebumps when i read about your jake, sorry mommy. jake kasi name ng eldest ko and i was gonna say magkapareho sila ng name,

    Followed you na here Olga and btw, you have very beautiful family

  33. wow, another educator in the house. it’s nice to know you, Olga. you have a lovely family. I am your newest follower here.

  34. hi sis…

    i’m visiting your blog couples of times and i think I’m lost when i visited again…you moved to WP pala:)

    nice to know you more sis Olga ( i only knew you as “crazyme”..he..he…) and kaya pala ang galing mong magpa-activity sa mga kiddies mo bec. you’re also a mentor and it’s true sis that working with tweens, teens and kids, keeps the “child” in us alive..he..he…kaya pasensya nalang yong di nakaintindi sa akin..he..he…

    with all the “tests” in your marriage and life, I believe you passed them though with grace … your testimony is a blessing…

    thanks for the visit on my entry:)

  35. BTW, you asked about how did we get my son’s name, if you don’t mind here’s the link for the origin og his name:)


  36. when my son was still in preschool, i also tutor in our house. hopefully by next school year i can go back to tutoring high school students *fingers-crossed*

    followed, would love to see you at my ONLINE JOURNAL & my soltero baby

  37. hi mommy nice meeting you…

    old follower Late visiting from WBFC..
    Thanks for following in advance!
    Shengkay Random Nest
    Shengkay’s Journal

  38. Hello Olga. For a newbie blogger, you are taking everything in stride. Oh ayan dami mo nang GFC friends! 😀 Kudos to you!

    Thank you for your generous comment on my artsy-craftsy WBFC entry. It seems a lot of you are liking my handmade quilt. I dunno… i could go crazy for while in the coming days and make it a giveaway. 😛

    Oh hey, advance happy anniversary to you and your husband! The trials in marriage ~ well which couple doesn’t have any of those? I should know. I’ve been through my share of roller coaster rides.

    Followed you back on GFC and will be updating my blogroll to link you up. Hope you can do the same for me!

    Nshima Servings

  39. I love reading your story Olga. That’s a lot of hardship you’ve been through but having a very loving and understanding partner is the key to get through that. Not to mention your love for your kids. I love your family photo. You all look so happy there.

    know more about me here: wbfc: who is gene?

  40. raising a child + keeping the household spick and span is really one chaotic experience, i can’t imagine how it’d be like if you add another toddler into the mix!haha!
    nice to know you mommy olga, i’ve read about the story of your little angel in one of your mommy moments posts (i think), it was touching + heartbreaking at the same time…but he is in a so-much better place now…
    late visiting thru wbfc
    jared’s little corner

  41. Nice to meet you Ma soeur! Hope to know more about you. ^^

  42. Ping Restor says

    Hi Mommy Olga – Bet you and hubby are two strong towers to be able to overcome such intense challenges in just 3 years. You are beautiful too! I can borrow from Mulan’s dad and the Emperor who said the flower that bloom in adversity is the most beautiful and rarest 🙂 There’s goes the child in me, too 🙂 Visiting you from WBFC # 9.Please visit my blog too, http://www.pingrestor.com. 🙂

  43. Hello mommy Olga! nice to meet you. Cookie here. Followed you already. Hope you’ll follow mine. tnx.

    Here’s my entry: http://chroniclesofcookie.com/2011/03/weekend-blog-follower-caravan-9/

  44. oh my! what an adorable family! you all are beautiful! i bet you’re enjoying your life to the fullest mommy because you’re also a mommy to a lot of kids you tutor. wow! teaching isn’t for everyone and it means you’re gifted. =)

  45. Hi Olga!

    Love your family picture! I’m glad to know more about you. In time, ako naman ang mag-aaral mag-manage ng household on my own. 🙂 By that time, mejo master mo na siguro.

    My WBFC entry is here: http://nicquee.com/2011/03/weekend-blog-follower-caravan-9 and I just followed you in GFC.

  46. congratulations on your anniversary!!

    Followed you already..
    Hope you could visit my site too!!
    9th Weekend Blog Follower Caravan: Meet the Blogger

  47. i’m here doing my (very) late rounds for WBFC#9 🙂

    you are making excellent progress for someone so new in the blogging biz! i seriously love how you write and wish to know you more so i am now your newest follower! you have a wonderful family, and what you wrote in there, are my thoughts exactly. especially the cooking and the time management thing. that is so me ^^

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