Neutrogena Brandvocate

I just received THE PACKAGE today! The secret that will put a stop to skin dehydration is now in my hands. Thanks to Neutrogena Philippines!

I have the privilege of being one of Neutrogena’s 100 Brandvocates who are given the chance to experience the beauty of hydrated skin through Neutrogena Hydroboost. This revolutionary skin care product from the most trusted brand in skincare promises to end the dry spell of one’s skin.

My sample product just arrived today so I have yet to see any result.   Although I do love how it feels on my skin and its delicate fragrance soothes my nerves.  Let’s see in a few weeks time if fine lines are less visible and if my face becomes radiant. Stay tuned!

Mommy Moments: Mother’s Day

I woke up on Mother’s Day without my husband beside me.  There was nary a note or even a text message to tell me where he went.  But knowing him, I knew he’d be back with a surprise for me. Since we got married, he has always given me a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day.  And that, he did again this year.

I had already finished preparing breakfast and still there was no sign of him so I was a tad bit irritated because it seemed that he’d be missing breakfast with us.  Just as I was about to feed the toddlers, he opened the door and gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  He also brought home a cake from Chocolate Kiss!

 photo mdayflowers.jpg

The rest of the day was spent at home just lazing around with my husband and the kid. Although I would have appreciated a little pampering and some time for myself, there really is no better way to spend Mother’s Day than mothering your brood.

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Forever Etched in My Mind

What is your most memorable moment as a mother?

This question posted by Momma Finally proved a difficult one to answer.  It is nearly impossible to cite just one memorable moment as motherhood is filled with so many precious moments each worthy to be remembered through eternity. I have been a mother for merely three years but it seems that I now have enough memories of time well-spent with my children to last me a lifetime.

I shall try to answer this question with three answers, one for each of my three children.

What I would consider my most memorable moment with my eldest daughter Jade was when we finally got to take her home from the hospital two months after she was born.  She was born prematurely and weighed only 1060 grams at birth.  She was also placed at the neonatal intensive care unit with her twin immediately after birth.  Between the two of them, we were actually more worried about Jade as she was smaller and was already in fetal distress prior to my stat ceasarian operation.  In the first two months of her life, Jade’s bed was an isolette in the hospital nursery where she fought a great fight against jaundice, infection, etcetera, etcetera.  Although my breasts were overflowing with milk then, my little Jade’s frail digestive system couldn’t process the proteins in breastmilk.  Instead of nursing from my breasts, she was given hydrolyzed whey protein through a tube in her mouth.  For two months, our bonding time was limited to a few hours each day when I could cuddle her for a short while, watch her wriggling inside the isolette, and sing to her the lullabies I sang when they were still in my womb. Without question, the very day that we were able to bring her home was a very memorable one. After two months of waiting, it was only then that I felt that I was truly her mother as she was now completely under my care.

Jake, oh, I don’t ever want to forget a single memory I have of her. The way she wiggled her hands and feet inside the isolette, the look in her eyes when we would visit her… that look, as if she had nary a trouble despite the tubes sticking out of her body.  In her seven days of life, she underwent three surgeries, yet, there was no trace of pain in her face.  She would look at us with those beautiful innocent eyes. The memories I have of Jake are poignant ones.  The one that I hold most precious though is when I got to embrace her tightly.  She had already gone with Jesus to God’s beautiful garden but I asked if I could be given a chance to hold her close.  She was all bundled up tightly in a blue hospital blanket looking so peaceful it seemed she was just asleep. I was silently praying then she would wake up and everything would be fine. Until now, I still vividly remember that very moment when I first held her close to my heart.

On a lighter note, my most unforgettable memory of Jakei was when I first saw him in the delivery room.  I had given birth through ceasarian section again so I was fully awake when he was yanked out of my womb. Following their standard procedure, the doctors cleaned him first and wrapped him in a blanket before they brought him to me.  And when I saw him, my eyes widened in great shock to see the plump rosy cheeks of my huge baby boy.  In my mind I was thinking, “How the heck did he fit inside me?”.  You see, my little boy weighed 8 pounds and 4 ounces and seemed really bloated at birth.

My children are still young and I still have a long way to go.  My journey as a mother would be filled with moment that convey joy, sadness, pain, and whatever else.  Motherhood is truly a myriad of emotions conveying the many wonderful memories forever etched in our minds.

A Conversation With God for Women by Marcia Ford

A few days ago, I received a complimentary copy of A Conversation with God for Women by Marcia Ford. This book written specifically for women provides answers to fifty-five of life’s greatest questions.  Each question and its answer is based on the Scripture and most gives us an awareness of how God impacts our lives as women. The last section of the book, Notes, cites Biblical references for each chapter and provides a guide for seeking out the truth for oneself.

The questions and answers are presented in conversation form that it seems you are actually conversing with God, Jesus, Hannah, Lydia, and other Biblical women.  It is quite easier for me to understand Biblical truths presented in this manner.  Also, I find it more engaging as it seems that I am merely in a casual conversation and not in a theology class or something of the sort.

Reading the book, I couldn’t help wishing I had come across it a couple of years ago.  It would have greatly helped me cope with the difficulties I experienced as a wife adjusting to a different environment and a new mother unsure of how she would take care of her daughter while grieving for the other twin she had lost.  Questions such as “Do You hear everybody’s prayers?”, “Why aren’t some prayers answered?”, and “How can anybody find good in tragedy?” were among the many questions whose answers eluded me back then.

Aside from providing answers to questions about God, Jesus, The Bible, Life and Relationships, Prayer, and Good and Evil, this book can serve as a devotional for women who seek a more intimate relationship with the Lord.  The insights of Sarah and other noteworthy women of the Bible also inspire us to be women of God.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Legacy of a Mother’s Love

I have been reading Mom Phd by Teresa Bell Kindred and came across this poem she wrote which illustrates how love is demonstrated by a Christian mother.


When you are young, she is cookies and milk after school.
She is a comforting hug after a bad dream
in the middle of the night.
She is the cold rag on a feverish forehead.
A calm strength when you are frightened.

By the time you are a teenager, she is nosy and bosy.
She has more advice than Dear Abby.
She is old and out of touch.
She insists you go to church and prays daily you will not
stray too far from the principles she has taught you.
She is the first to jump to your defense
when someone criticizes you,
and the first to tell you when you are wrong.

Years pass. You are a young woman, and it is your wedding day.
She is more than your mother; she is your friend,
and she rejoices at your happiness.
The proud look on her face tells the world how much she loves you.
When she becomes a grandmother,
the advice she gave you when you were a child
suddenly takes on new meaning.
She never tires of hearing about her grandchildren’s antics or
accomplishments, and she relishes in relating stories about them
over and over to anyone who will listen.
When she holds her grandchild in her arms,
you see the same look of love on her face
that was there for you when you were a child.

More years pass and time begins to take its toll.
Her hair is now gray and her face lined with wrinkles.
Her eyesight and hearing are failing.
Her body is bent and her step unsure.
She is forgetful and frail and then one day…she is gone.

She is memories of comforting hugs in the middle of the night,
cookies and milk after school,
the proud look on her face the day of your wedding,
the loving way she held your child.
She is gone, and yet she is with you
because when you loook in the mirror,
you see the woman she molded,
and the little girl who still longs to run
to the comfort of her mother’s arms.

Now it is your turn to do the things she did,
and when you do them
You remember her love and realize that
at last you know her secret.
A mother is mortal, with imperfections and failings.
She cannot solve the problems of the universe,
nor can she protect her children from every danger.
She can only try.
You wish with all your heart that you could tell her
thank you one more time.
And you can almost hear her whisper,
“Thank me by loving your children as much as I loved you.”
She has given you something priceless,
The legacy of her love.


Although it is music to one’s ears to hear the words “I love you”, love truly is best demonstrated through actions than uttered in words.  My mother has always been generous with her words of love and affirmation.  She has until now, showered us with hugs and kisses, and never fails to show us how much she loves us.  She now gives the same warmth and affection to her grandchildren.  It is this same unselfish, unrequited love manifested in words and in actions that I would like to pass on to my children.