Mommy Moments

I’ve just begun to explore the blogosphere and in the first meme that I joined I came across The Mommy Journey. I have read only three posts but they’ve already made me a fan.  I’m also loving all the homeschooling links on the site.  I’ll be homeschooling my two toddlers and all the links provide such useful information and materials as well.  So, to Mommy Chris, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us fellow Moms.

Now, since I’m officially a follower and a fan of The Mommy Journey, it is but natural that I join their weekly Meme, Mommy Moments.  Every Friday, moms share their favorite moments through posting pictures based on the weeks theme.  This week’s theme is New Family Photo. And my favorite among our most recent pics taken is….(drumroll)…

This was taken during our morning stroll at the historic Rizal Park.

 photo 0c2aeaed-1fdf-4689-9f28-8783f20849ff_zpsc76f31bf.jpg

So here’s our family HHWWPSSP!

I’ve just recently joined Mommy Moments but my female intuition tells me that this a great group of wonderful moms.  If I were you, I’d try it out also and see for myself.  Click on the badge to find out more about this totally awesome meme.

mommy moments


  1. welcome to Mommy Moments!
    nice family photo! with color theme pa ha 😀
    My Mommy Moments

  2. Family in Orange!! Stay happy together 🙂

    Happy Mommy Moments!

    My MM Post

  3. Nice family shot you got here! 🙂

  4. chubskulit says

    What a beautiful family you have! Welcome aboard, I also followed your blog now.

    My Mommy Moment Post, have a good weekend!

  5. Greetings from Japan and Welcome to Mommy Moments!What a wonderful family you got^_^

  6. im also new in this meme…welcome to us…wonderful family…

  7. Welcome to mommy moments!

    Sexy mommy!

    HappY MM!

  8. lyzacruz88 says

    Beautiful pic and fanily,,,love the color orange 🙂

  9. ohh… very sweet! keep it up, girl! Happy MM!

  10. so nice.. i love your family photo! 😀

    and thanks for the kind words too… 🙂

  11. parang payat ako dito gah!