Mommy Moments: Happy Hearts’ Day

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My Mom is the sweetest person I know!  We grew up getting gifts from her in every occasion.  They weren’t expensive gifts but they were priceless.  She also instilled in us that gifts you’ve personally made an effort to create are more precious than store-bought ones.  So, every occasion was preceded by an art class.  She’d take out crayons, paint, paper and other craft supplies and my sisters and I would each create our masterpieces.

As I am my Mom’s biggest fan and would like to raise my children the same way she raised us,  this practice of gift-giving I definitely would pass to my toddlers.

And so, a few days before VDay, my toddlers and I got busy working on our cards and other masterpieces.

I cut out the shapes and Jade did all the pasting and decorating.
As I am a Math geek, I couldn’t resist
infusing a lesson in patterns –
I printed a pattern of colored hearts which
Jade completed using heart foam stickers


Since Jakei still can’t work well with glue
(he’d rather eat it than use it on paper)
I just gave him heart foam stickers to stick on the pre-torn board paper.
I let him stick the hearts on his own,
so the designs are basically his and his alone.


Jade and I made these heart mobiles
for Lola Mira and Ate Sophia.
She’s quite adept with the glue stick and
was able to paste the small hearts without help.
While I was keeping an eye on Jakei
(lest he eats all the foam stickers),
I let Jade paint several heart-shaped Oslo paper.
I stitched the hearts together to make the mobile for Ate Sophia.


All gifts must pass through stringent quality control

My husband is a very hands-on father. 
He’s had his share of sleepless nights changing diapers, feeding, burping, spongebathing when the tots have fever. 
He has been peed on, puked on, and dribbled with saliva. 
So, for being motherly without losing his machismo, 
he deserves this wall decor and so much more!

I botched the Valentine’s dinner I cooked
but the toddlers ate it anyway.
That’s just makes me love them even more.



There was no full-course meal in a fancy restaurant. No romantic table setting nor romantic mood at that.  There wasn’t even a fairly decent dinner (I really botched the meal I cooked!!!).  But we were all together on the day of hearts…and what could be more important than that!


  1. 100% agree – nothing is more important than being with the family. 😉

  2. you just gave me an idea sis what to do on Valentine's day with my toddler:) You're such an artistic mom! I couldn't agree for more, you're totally right about being together on hearts day..that's a priceless moment:)

    thanks for the comments you left in Her and History:)

  3. great bonding moments!

    following you now via Mommy Moments!

  4. Very artistic!!Your husband must be very teary eyed when he received the cards made with full of love!

    Happy MM!!

  5. They're so cute! I hope I have that artistic side in me 😀

    Happy Mommy Moments!

  6. That's an artistic way to celebrate Valentine's Day! It's always Valentine's Day when we're with the people we love. I hope you can check out my entry, too! Thanks!

  7. Sweetness! She's very creative and loving.

    Our Valentine's 2011

  8. your right mommy..
    galing naman ng 2 assistant mo..
    great job babies!
    happy MM!

  9. kaso bkit wala ata sa mga pic ung papa nila??? hmmm….. just wonderin

  10. thanks for all the wonderful comments!

    @#$%^: hehehe…di nya yata na appreciate kasi yung wall decor. NR.

  11. they are so nice!!

  12. wow! those are really nice and you guys are very creative!

  13. visiting you back via Mommy Moments and I left comments na pala via my other blog:)

    have a nice day!

  14. @gene: thanks! i'm following all of your blogs.


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